I am about to order some more of your product, Silidyn.  I began taking this product due to excessive hair loss.  After taking Sildyn for several months, my hairdresser commented on how great my hair was looking and after her washing my hair, she said how I had very little hair  in the wash bowl.  It has also made a huge difference in the growth of my finger nails.  For the first time, and I am in my 60’s, I actually have finger nails that I am proud of.  I have had to skip a month of your product, and I am beginning once again, to have a lot of hair loss.  I am so glad to have learned of Silidyn and now know this is a product that I will be taking the rest of my life.

Diane Ausbrooks


I have been using your Silidyn Rejuvenate product for approximately 4 months now. I began using this product because I was having a great deal of trouble with my fingernails. I had one nail that was cracked down the middle for at least 2 years. The crack has now healed, the nail is no longer cracked and all of my nails are much healthier and stronger than they have been in years.

Janice Hockings


I do think Silidyn works – as my nails were stronger and my skin was better –
I took these things for granted and in a few weeks I was back were I was before =
I will now take it faithfully

Roberta Zielinski


I really am enjoying the extreme hydration with Silidyn for my hair, skin and nails…they are much softer and yet stronger.
The hydration seems to be from deep inside , unlike other products and lotions which feel as though they are on the surface. I believe that this depth creates a resiliency and I have even noticed less bruising on my skin since I began using Silidyn.

Julie Harrison


Since taking Silidyn for four months now, I have noticed more energy, especially later in the day. I was trying to minimize my afternoon tiredness which I experienced frequently. So far Silidyn is creating a difference in my lifestyle.


Hsinchu Chiu-Chin

Taking Silidyn everyday has made my hair healthier. It has slowed down my hair loss issue while also making my nails stronger, healthier and glossy. I have also noticed my skin’s elasticity has improved.


Taipei Hsiao-Wen

For a long time I have been troubled by my thin and fragile nails that I easily break and cause bleeding. My nails had become rough and uneven as they were too soft. After my local health food store introduced my to Silidyn I have been taking it for 8 weeks. In that time my nails have become glossy and hard and no longer break.


Taichung Ming-Chu

My knees used to make unpleasant noises when I would walk and getting down the stairs was painful. After taking Silidyn every morning for a few months these symptoms have improved. My nails now grow so fast I have to cut them much more regularly. I will continue to take Silidyn.

Florence Moyse

My hair has had split ends for as long as I can remember. I am a keen horse rider and between competing and mucking out the stables my hands and nails have a tough time. Taking Silidyn Rejuvenate has repaired my split ends and toughened my

nails to the point that they no longer break easily.


Jackie Driscoll

As the years pass by I find it more and more important to reverse the ageing process. I take Silidyn religiously as part of my overall healthy lifestyle and I believe it is keeping my blood vessels and arteries in good shape.

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